lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

Greener grass

Why is it that many of us have temporary satisfactions and can’t stop moving between sides? While working, we dream about being entrepreneurs and have our own business, but in the fears of independence we constantly seek for the security of a job. When single we fantasize about that special someone that will take us to another world with a secret smile, and when it finally arrives, a lot of small but painful disappointments appear and only hope our freedom and peace could return.
The same happens with vacations, resting, friends and many other things in life, not to mention pity objects.
Is it that what we want changes constantly? Is it that the situation we are in changes our point of view? Is it that we and the situation change at the same time?
I personally thing that change is objective in itself. To move, experiment, try new things, new places, new routes, new choices, etc.
The only thing we must accept is that although there are situations that seem perfect, everything is subject to change and we should face transition normally and not expect to force untenable alignments.