lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Take a deep breath and go ahead

It’s going to be three years in a few months, and after all the process, my life changed for good. Although sometimes I feel like from another planet, as my decisions and obvious common sense guesses seem odd and not too common for the rest, I firmly believe I’m on the right track.
But is this right track the only track? Is it the fastest or the shortest? Can we go faster?
It’s time to speed things a little, but how to do it? Well, as it has been happening in the last years, I bump in to the places and situations I need.
There’s an inefficient visa process I have to follow, to renew my visa in Brazil. In the mean time I have to be out of the country for at least three months. What to do during that time? My boss suggested taking all my vacations and taking a license to complete the time. Ok, sounds reasonable, and what to do with all that time? My initial plan was to study business and art courses in different countries in Europe and then travel to India for tourism. But as all happens for a reason and what happens is the best, I couldn’t get my Shengen visa in Brazil, business courses dates didn’t match my schedule and what was the result? India for one month and a meditation retreat for 35 days in Thailand. And how did it happen? A friend met a guy in the internet, the guy took my friend to a course, in the course my friend met another outstanding person, and my friend send me this person’s email. He lives in Thailand and as soon as I wrote, he answered that I had a room reserved for a retreat. As soon as I read the answer I knew that was it!! I didn’t know how a retreat wasn’t my first option, but in the end, all the obstacles, coincidences, and luck will take me to this place, and I’m sure this is the highway. Maybe is not the only one, but for sure it will take me to another level on this process.
This is a trip that will change my life again, if I was in a comfort zone, this will mess things around; I was expecting it, and I love it.

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