martes, 24 de junio de 2008

Just a little background

It was monday january 22nd 2007, second working week of the year.
After one of the best years of my beloved life, I had everything I wanted.
After almost seven years working, I had been for two years with this great new company and I had a fantastic year in sales, overtook many social obstacles I´ve had for many years, achieved the financial goals I had for the time, enhanced the relationship with my family and my peers, was in the best shape I´ve ever been, read more than 20 books in 3 different languages, traveled a lot to different gorgeous places and had just moved with the girl I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I felt full internally and externally. Great job, money, love, friends, culture, what else could I ask for?
It was a beautiful january sunny day, after a good morning kiss to my love, I took a shower, had a healthy fiber rich breakfast and went out to my office, to finish the outline of the great strategy I had planned for the year with my clients, before the real heavy work that would begin the next week.
After a small vacation with my girl, I loved her more than ever. We had a great relationship and we were planning to get married during the year.
I couldn´t wait to the night, to have dinner with her, share a glass of wine and discuss all the plans we had for the near future and the coming years. Only that I never returned home.

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que vida tan perfecta, que pereza