martes, 1 de julio de 2008

The big slap in the face

When I opened my eyes, I was in a strange bed, and aside, my girlfriend and my mom were staring at me. I didn´t recognize the place, I felt weak, sleepy and I didn´t remembered anything recent. How did i get there? Where am I? What happened? Its just as I had appeared in that place without any past. For someone that usually had everything under control, and hated surprises I was lost in time and space.
What happened? I asked.
You had a heart attack, my girlfriend said.
No, tell me what happened to me please
You had a heart attack, she repeated.
I was so sleepy I don´t remember how many times I asked the same question. But the process inside was the same: a heart attack? me? Impossible. I´m in the best shape, no one eats as healthy as I do, love exercise, no alcohol, sleep well, no drugs, no nothing. Here it goes again, what happened?
Well, after two days of the same stupid question I realized that I didn´t had a heart attack. I had two heart attacks on that beautiful monday january 22nd.
While I was unconscious, I had two heart attacks, one in an ambulance and the other one at the hospital, my lungs got filled with water, my heart stopped for 24 minutes the second time, all the emergency team in that hospital focused only on saving me with an effort outside medical procedures, all my family and friends were informed that I had only 1% chance of surviving, tears, sadness, why him questions, phone calls, friends amazed, a day to forget.
For me, to be here writing one and a half year later, that day, many many things had to be perfect. The possibilities to live were so slim, that times, decisions, movements, orders, procedures, everything had to be perfect. If the case happened again, pretty sure the guy would die. But in my case everything was done right. If some old man driving a taxi hadn´t moved just like he did when my ambulance passed right by him, I would be dead. Not only the doctors, and the people at the hospital, but everything aligned for me to live.
What was all this? What really happened?
After months of tests and evaluations my doctor concluded that I have nothing. There was no reason for me to have a hearth attack that day or any other day.
So? what happened?
For me there´s a clear explanation right now: just a big, huge slap in the face.
WAKE UP!!!!!!

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Diana V. dijo...

It's just a life's lesson, an opportunity to discover the true sense of being here ... To live!, Thanks for sharing this experience so that we can also learn from it.