martes, 16 de septiembre de 2008


Living under our sense of security, is very uncommon to loose some of what we handle, even if is taking us apart from what we want in life. Acting the society rules we usually follow, we know deep inside if we are going our way or the people’s way, but the decision of letting go what we have, what we have achieved, to follow some odd idea that seems crazy to the people around us, it’s sentenced to death even before the first thought.
From other very known book, I read that the world conspires in favor of those who follow their dreams, meaning that although we can not guarantee from the beginning that everything it’s going to be as great as we would like, if we take those hard and crazy decisions following our hearts instead of our minds, things begin to happen, helping our dreams to be achieved. It’s like jumping into the darkness without knowing what’s down there, but hoping the best.
Well, for me, it was time to make one of those steps. After my life was on track again, I was happy, felt satisfied but needed a change. I wanted time for me outside the city routine, wanted to see everything as new, wanted to be curious about people, traditions, places, food, language, wanted to recover time lost and enjoy small but rewarding pleasures, I wanted to discover again all the things I knew. So I decided to move to another country. My choice? China.
To move to China would be like being born again. Everything new, I would have to learn everything, beginning with Chinese, traditions, food, religion and so on. I wanted a change and this would make it. So, instead of just planning as I did before, I made all the arrangements for the move. University, visa, explored job options, travel locations, everything was set. But suddenly the plan changed.
A great opportunity appeared, and my almost sure trip to China changed for Brazil. An incredible opportunity impossible to reject, if I had asked for that option, would have been very difficult to get it, but then I remembered what the book said, and I understood. I wanted a change, I took the decision, made the step, and the world conspired to help me achieve what I wanted. Maybe China wasn’t the best option, or maybe isn’t the best option right now, but instead of letting my life go to the drift, I jumped and as I’m falling, I’m realizing the dark place wasn’t so bad. Maybe there’s something I must learn in Brazil, maybe there’s someone I should meet, or maybe I have to live something there to prepare for the future. As far as I know, everything happens for a reason, and what happens is the best thing for me.

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