martes, 7 de octubre de 2008


I don’t have an explanation for the feeling, but clearly people, animals, places, among others, generate energies or sensations that can be perceived in different levels. I think that even animals get that sense, as dogs bark to some people and act tenderly to strangers without any visual reason.
These energies not only are so powerful that can be perceived by others, but have impact on results, are transferred and shared, and might dominate how we think and feel. I even think that a group of those energies can modify physical things or actions.
We all feel good or uncomfortable around some people, and perceive worries and sadness in places like hospitals, but is this something we can get under control? How can we receive good energy and avoid getting contaminated with bad energies?
I might think that we can generate positive or negative energies by ourselves, but we get contaminated too by energies of people around us, and the charge we have influences our days and relations.
Recently I had one of the worst years professionally speaking. Although I didn’t get any warnings or lectures from my boss, everything that could go wrong with my clients went the worst way, and what had good chances went to the basket too. I tried and tried hard for things to generate results, but was frustrating. Even almost impossible things happened for bad, and several times. At first I thought it was just bad luck, but someone told me that I was charged with bad energy and that it showed. At first I didn’t gave it a lot of thought, but a “cleaning” method was proposed and having nothing to loose, I tried.
Well, everything began to change, results were better, and personally I was feeling better too. After this, I began to pay a lot of attention to energies of people and places, whenever I felt something I didn’t like, I rather leave. I began to protect the good vibe I was accumulating, and I kept this by myself.
We might confuse sometimes energy with mood, but there’s a lot of people depressed with kind of good energy, and happy people with horrendous vibes. Although our mood might influence our energy, I believe what we think, the reason for our actions, and how satisfied we are with ourselves have a lot more impact in the result.
Given the impact our energy has on the results of everything we do, although not tangible, might be one of our most important assets we could explode.
Do you ever have asked yourself why there’s many people that begins some project with all the effort, the resources, the capabilities, and at the end they fail? I may guess that energy could be that little help to succeed or fail, depending on what you radiate. Good vibe might be the reason to get in to a rising spiral, where good things lead to better things, to nice people, and so on. Or the other way too.
Almost everybody knows about energies, but what I would like to encourage is to cultivate it, grow it, protect it, depurate it, and clean it, this despised valuable it’s changing my concept of luck.

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Anónimo dijo...

Y yo no se Juan...pero eso de la buena o mala energía creo que nace con uno sabes???....a pesar que para los que tienen buena vibra hayan bajones en algun momento de la vida (que ahi si creo que definitivamente influye es el "animo") que tiene buena energía, siempre piensa en positivo y "visualiza" literalmente lo que quiere lograr...siempre se le da lo que quiere!