domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2008

Million dollar baby

What would you do if someone give you a million dollars?
Buy a house? Travel around the world? Study? Give to the ones who need most? Learn about painting, music, or any other art you ever wonder about? Invest to get more for the future? Live on the rent? Party every day? Drink ? Bet? Pay debts? Buy a summer house in Bora Bora? Move to Paris? To Hong Kong? To London? To LA? Start your own business? Read? Built a hotel in a paradise beach? Buy Google shares? Buy more Google shares? Shopping? Shoes? Clothes? Donate it all?
Would you get stressed for the steps to receive the money? Which bank? Which account? A check? Today or tomorrow? Debit card?
Would it be a possibility to leave the money in an account and don’t do anything with it?
I think the answers to those questions are easy, but then why, If everyone of us, received something bigger, greater than just money, something with many more possibilities than currency, as it is to be alive, some of us keep our lives in stand by, letting things come and go and without getting the best use of it?
Many people know that are not satisfied with what they are doing or the way they are living, know what they want to do and how would they be happy, but just stay there waiting for something that is no coming? Would you need help with you million dollars? You need someone to say to you what to do with the money? How to spend it?
A life has millions of times the possibilities money has, but many people just stay with the money at the bank without living the dreams they know they have.
If you have the money, and want to travel to Bali, go buy the ticket!!! Nobody is going to do it for you.
And one prize condition, money it’s no cumulative. You don’t get two lives the next time.

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