miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010


I heard from a teacher something impressive: fear is linked to things we think we have to protect, the more we believe we have to protect, the more fear we have. Its impressive for two things, first because fear inhibit us from doing a lot of things, and things we want or we would like, and second because we are convinced that we can have control over what happens. So in the end, we don’t do things just because we forbid ourselves with no real reason. We won’t speak to a person because we fear what this person may think of us, we won’t invest in a new venture because we fear we’ll lost the money we saved for some time, and so on. What do we think we are protecting?

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Lina Maria dijo...

Waiting 1 day when everything in the world just stops and finally it arrives. What are the odds? I felt so scared to let go so that the empty cup can be filled with real life and love. There we are standing still in front of ourselves, in front of our messed minds, holding back the pain, waiting for everything else to stay and in the end, the answer is: let it flow and let it go, and go back to the graceful movement of the rhythm of life!