martes, 13 de abril de 2010

Film and not photo

Everything is in constant movement, even ourselves. Each second things change: we are older, our hair grows, we burn calories, we know something else, the weather changes, we see something we haven’t seen from where we are standing, we step where we never stood before and so on. No second in our life will be the same as any other second, even if we wanted to repeat any second in our life, it’s impossible, at least time won’t be the same.
We are experiencing small changes that we almost can not perceive, but sometimes bigger changes occur even without our consent. We lose something or somebody, we are transferred to other cities, we get wet in the rain, we catch a cold, and so on.
So, if everything changes, and we can not control most of the changes, why we try to live like a photo forcing things to stand still? Our live is not a photo we like, is a film that is rolling, let’s see what comes next.

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Lina Maria dijo...

And walking the right track we get to know that everything is the same and the present moment is que only feaseble way to life.

Loving the process, every step of the stairway to the real truth.