miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

Coincidence? I don’t believe it.

I had a plan to make some interviews to different kind of people to try to understand how every person by itself lives in a unique world. I just had to find people with diverse backgrounds and interesting enough to begin. I had some ideas but not as exciting as I wanted. Yesterday I received an email from a friend I knew 11 years ago when he was 5, and lived in the jungle with no electricity, no bathrooms, no hospitals and in the middle of a conflict between several armed groups. Now he’s a professional football player at 16, and he’s coming to Brazil for some trials with a team. Could it get more fascinating?
What are the odds? We’ll I think almost zero, I want to understand it as destiny’s little help when someone is looking for what he wants. As Paulo Coelho said in one of his books, the universe conspires in favor of those who follow what they want.
We don’t have to have everything planned every time, maybe if we trust, some of the uncertainties will helps us achieve what we want instead of creating obstacles. Let’s go for it, it’s going to happen.

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