lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

New posts and update

As the initial objective of this blog, I wanted to describe all the change process that happened during my re-birth, and after all the stages already included, there have not been changes in the way I face life and its situations.
My life as a hole, moved towards an inside search for happiness, a release of self created problems and preoccupations and a complete positive attitude for everything that happens, and I have been living very happy since.
In recent months, I’ve been enjoying all the positive effects of this new way to understand and live a life, having perfect days and playing to win. As every process, during the changes I had to think how to approach situations, and now it’s a natural and fluent new attitude. I’m just looking for new ways to enhance this happiness, of course, all of them internal. No success to date.
As I want to continue writing, I’ll be making updates with not only internal changes as they occur, but daily life situations and thoughts that might catch my attention.
For now, as an update, just lo let you know that I’m very happy with my new life, I’m full of plans and projects, personal projects that keep me dreaming and wanting to live every day at its maximum. Some have been already developed, as my first steps in music, traveling, meditation and physical challenges, and other just in early stages as a future book, speed or a passion that might become a business. There’s so much to do and just 24 hour days!!

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