lunes, 15 de junio de 2009


After two and a half years of recovery, medicines, exercise and a healthy diet I went to see my cardiologist. In a very optimistic mood, I requested the suspension of all the medicines, knowing that I followed all procedures strictly, felt very healthy, and had the confidence of finishing a half marathon. For me, I had a heart as healthy and strong as anyone without any previous heart problems, and I thought it was enough time now: I could skip medicines and continue with a healthy life.
Did you forget what happened? Was his answer. After some time, everybody forgets. He said. Those words came to my mind not just as the health issue, but as a reminder of the fragility of our lives. It could end anytime, am I living accordingly? I am, but although I would like to live a 100+ years, life is lent. I got a huge reminder with an earthquake too, and not so long ago when I crossed a highway that I though was one way only. We have reminders from time to time, and I think is only to feed our desire to live, to push us to follow what we want, to make those steps we are afraid of, and to helps us understand we still have to do something here. Is a clear message every time: still have time!! Go, go, go!!!

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ANDRÉS dijo...

Nice to know about you!

I think that we can use those reminders to keep trying to reach our goals. Sometimes those reminders are shown like a scracht on our laptops (one made by Samuel =)), or like a situation that makes us push ourselves to the limit to reach happiness in the way we look at it.

Hope to see you soon again!